Trouble Shooting


Trouble Shooting


Isolation Valve
Trouble Shooting


Controller and Wiring
Trouble Shooting

Do You have any of these Problems? Our YearS of Experience can Fix it!

  • Wet Spots Or Slow Leakage Out Of Sprinklers When System Is Off
  • A Zone Valve Will Not Turn On
  • Misting Of The Spray Occurs
  • A Rotor Sprinkler Won’t Rotate
  • There Is Water Runoff After A Zone Finishes Watering
  • A Zone Valve Will Not Turn Off
  • The Spray Pattern Is Too Small
  • There Is A Gap In The Spray Pattern
  • Water Is Puddling In The Yard
  • Water Is Leaking From A Valve
  • Valve Won’t Actuate
  • Sprinkler Rotates In One Direction, Then Stops
  • There Is No Water In One Part Of One Zone
  • Leak From Lowest Sprinkler In Zone
  • The Sprinkler On A Zone Doesn’t Pop Up Correctly
  • Water Floods From A Sprinkler
  • Freeze Damage Occurs During Winter
  • A Manual Valve Is Stuck Or Hard To Operate
  • Sprinkler Pops Up, But No Water Sprays
  • A Sprinkler Will Not Retract After Watering

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Install an Automated Irrigation System?

Automated systems are very convenient. They save time, eliminate over-watering. Automatically shut off when it rains, reduce your water usage.

Should I Get a System that Delivers Water Quickly or Slowly?

This depends on the type of soil you have in your landscape. We will match a system’s application rate with your soil’s absorption rate.

What are the Different Types of Sprinkler Heads?

Fixed-Spray Sprinklers

This type of sprinkler produces a tight, constant fan of water that is perfect for small lawns, shrubs and groundcover areas. There are different models to fit landscaping configurations.

Flood Bubblers

These irrigation heads soak the soil without wetting the leaves of your plants. They’re great for tree wells, planters and shrubs.

Stream Bubblers

If you have small planter beds and shrub areas, stream bubblers are a great way to water tall shrubs

Drip Irrigation

No water restrictions, most effective and efficient of all water delivery systems.